Most people want their jewellery repaired not because of it’s high monetary value but because of it’s high sentimental value. Great care is taken here to sympathetically restore broken jewellery back to wearable condition again.

I particularly enjoy repairing jewellery mostly because no two pieces are ever the same. There are often challenges too which gets me thinking !

Services offered:

  • Restring necklaces and bracelets on a variety of threading materials depending on the piece.
  • Restring pearls with knots between each bead using Silk Thread and French Wire.
  • Replacing catches and other small components.
  • Adding adjustable chain.
  • Cleaning service.

Items can be hand delivered by appointment. Items can be posted to us via registered post and return by registered post only.

For an estimate, please contact Stacey via email or by phone 0852705552

These are a few samples of repair work done: